About Us

The March Wood Project CIC is a non profit community organisation that offers education and therapeutic programmes from 100 acres of woodland in Kent. We work with young people, adults and families to help promote development in the following areas:
* social and emotional well-being
* confidence and self esteem
* positive relationships
* Skills and knowledge
* communication and self awareness

We offer programmes and one off sessions that has the natural environment at its core.

Our Forest School Practitioners is also trained in working with young people and adults with Autism.

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Bush Craft and Forest School

Bush craft and forest school session can be run as part of schools alternative curriculum programme. Learning skills such as fire lighting using natural and man made tinders, shelter building and survival, plant and tree identification, wild cooking, map reading and woodcraft and woodland management can teach an abundance of skills. These skills can lead to further education and training, increased confidence, positive relationships and an awareness of our environment. Young people can work towards certificates and awards such as AQA Unit Awards and The John Muir Award.


Bush craft and outdoor activities can help engage young people that are at risk of exclusion or anti-social behaviour. Learning outside the classroom has a real positive impact on students that are struggling with mainstream education. Are aim is to work alongside schools and youth organisations to help re-kindle the spark for learning and offer pathways to further education, training and employment.

See our programmes page for more information

Woodland Therapy & Well-Being

The ethos of Woodland Therapy is to provide an affordable counselling service which is set in a natural environment that promotes mental and physical well-being alongside each other. Allowing the local community to gain access to a professional service, that is designed to give everyone the same opportunity. We believe that taking away the four walls of a therapeutic office also takes down certain boundaries between client and therapist, therefore allowing a more open and honest relationship to be built.

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Reduce stress levels
Reduce depression
Raise self esteem
Help learn new skills and boost confidence
Reduce anxiety
Connect back with nature
Learn to be comfortable with silence
Learn to be comfortable with your own thoughts

See our programmes page for more information.

We are now a Core Programme provider for Live Well Kent and The Shaw Trust.


The March Wood Allotment

We run an allotment project where we grow a range of fruit and vegetables. We use the allotment as part of all our sessions and are also looking to set up a weekly volunteer programme. We donate our produce to charitable causes locally including The Salvation Army and local Foodbank.

See our programmes page to find out about volunteering with us


Woodland Archery

Weekly archery sessions are run for young people and adults with disabilities. With thanks to the National Lottery and Sport England we are able to run these affordable sessions and get people leading active lifestyles whilst learning a new skill and meeting new friends.

See our programmes page for more information


Family Session and School Holiday Programmes

We regularly run family day sessions and weekend camps as well as activities over the school holidays. These sessions are designed to allow quality time away from technology and everyday chores. Learning, playing and having fun together is paramount for a healthy and happy home environment.

See our programmes page for more information


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