Some pictures from around our woodland

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Volunteer Day at Woods- 27th September 2015

We would like to say a huge thank you to the group of volunteers that came to The March Wood project yesterday, everyone worked so hard and we got so much done. Andy & James, Mariee from Asda, Clive a volunteer from Ashford Volunteer Bureau, Anita, Mark & Abbey, Cara & Keeley and Ian the woodland manager who came and gave a hand.

Without this help and support the project would not be moving forward at the pace it is.

Thanks from Karen & Mark

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VAWK enjoying the freedom of being in the woods, sometimes allowing young people the chance to play and enjoy natures environment is the only lesson they need to learn.





for CFFascinated at the idea of starting a fire without matches, then in complete awe at the process of a fire becoming fire. Learning patience, communication, history of fire and team work to name just a few.

620 x 465    It is amazing what you might find at our bug hotel, very cheap accommodation for the travelling bugs of our woods. No meals included, but as these two were finding out there is plenty for them to forage for in these woodlands.



Some times positive risk is an empowering experience, we believe in explaining boundaries and giving our young people the opportunity to assess their own risk and personal skill levels.





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How can being this close to nature be bad for you? well I can tell you that it can not be. Just look at their smiles to see how the environment naturally makes people happier.


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