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Well-Being and Relaxation Camp

Join us for a weekend of pure relaxation in 100 acres of beautiful Kentish Woodland.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Forest Bathing

Wand and Staff Making

Woodland Walks and so much more

£90 per person self catering

well-being event

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Wild Food Foraging with Carol Hunt from Edible Wild


Did you know that there are hundreds of potentially useful plants all around you? (Yes, even the weeds!).
Would you like to learn more about them and their uses?

The day begins with a short talk about foraging safely and sustainably and is then followed by a gentle wander around the landscape during which we’ll show you where to find and and how to recognise some of the amazing plantlife that can be found there.
Along the way we’ll touch on the past, discussing plants our Ancestors might have used as food, for medicine, or in magic (sometimes all three!), sharing history and herb-lore and how communities have valued and utilised and passed on this knowledge – bringing us right up to the present day.

After our walk there will be an opportunity to get hands on as we communally prepare and enjoy a meal using foraged ingredients. (Wherever possible the meal will be tailored to suit special dietary needs provided you make us aware of them before the event).

All participants receive a hand-out pack containing id guides, guidelines and notes regarding the law. They are also welcome to browse a selection of resource material and recipes which will be provided.

Please be sure to bring appropriate weatherproof clothing and footwear. A notebook and camera would also be useful. It is also a good idea to bring along a bottle of water and some snacks or a light packed lunch.

Please be sure to let the organisers know at the time of booking your place if you have any mobility or health issues (such as allergies), or any special dietary needs so that we can plan accordingly.

Saturday 21st October 2017

10.00am – 4.00pm

March Wood, Fridd Lane, Bethersden Ashford Kent

£45.00 per person

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