Alternative Curriculum

March Wood Project runs therapeutic and educational programmes within 100 acres of woodland near Ashford. A range of programmes are delivered covering topics such as woodland management, conservation and outdoor activities. Students can learn a range of skills in each of these subject areas that can lead to AQA Unit Awards. Unit Awards are certificates of achievement that are achieved by evidencing a range of practical skills.

Why choose March Wood?
• We provide a therapeutic learning environment for pupils of all levels and abilities
• We provide a safe space where pupils can learn a range of practical and social skills
• We help pupils build on their confidence, self-esteem, relationships and life skills
• We help pupils learn skills that are transferable into further education, training or employment
What can students learn?
The project will work with pupils across a range of AQA Unit Awards including:
• Environmental Studies
• Outdoor Education
• Woodland Management and Conservation
• Environmental Art
• Horticulture


1 day per week, 4 hours per day 10.00am – 2.00pm
£175 per day to include management and admin fees. Cost is per member of staff. One staff member for up to 8 students.
There will be a fee of £19.40 per student that needs to be registered for the AQA award scheme, this is a one off payment.

Woodland Therapy

I offer the below programmes to single people of any age above 11, couples and families. You will be able to choose what you feel is best for you at our consultation, which will take place in the wood or at a place you are comfortable with having our first meeting. We will also discuss your expectations, and form an agreement of therapy.

These programmes do run all year, as I have two barns we can use for cover. Also I will get a fire going so we can keep warm, and have a hot drink on offer for the session. So don’t let the weather stop you from coming to see me, the woods are beautiful when it is raining.


50 Minute- Walk & Talk.

There is no set way of how the sessions will go, if you find somewhere you want to sit down and talk then that’s what we will do. This session is an ideal opportunity for you to speak to me about the things that are holding you back in life, and you will find the openness of being outside will assist you in your journey of self discovery.

We will discuss ways of becoming in control of your own situation.
Become aware of triggers to certain thoughts and behaviours.
Gain an understanding of how your past is affecting your present.
Help you build healthy, equal relationships.
You will learn coping mechanisms.
Gain control of your thoughts and decisions.
Become your own counsellor for life.

2 Hour- Walk, Talk & Campfire.

As above, but after the hours walk we will start a fire, where we will sit around and continue to look at your issues. My clients have found this an extremely powerful tool, and allows them to find an inner peace that has not been experienced before.

There will also be time put aside for some silent reflection, which will help you become comfortable with your own thoughts. You will learn to be in the moment, and use the natural elements of the fire and nature to process what we have covered in the session.

In my experience it is not the times that you are surrounded by people that are hard to manage, it is the times when your on your own. So this will allow an in depth look at how to manage your own thoughts, and time on your own.

Costs on request

Woodland Archery

We run weekly archery sessions for young people and adults with disabilities. Our archery sessions are suitable for all abilities. These sessions have been funded and supported by Sport England.

Adult disabilty archeryWoodland archery groupNational Lottery and Sport England - Portrait (CMYK)

Family Camps and Holiday Clubs

We run school holiday clubs all year round and deliver a range of activities including bush craft and survival skills, pond dipping, nature hunts, archery, fire lighting and camp cooking, team games and more. Sessions are suitable for ages 8 and over.

Our programmes give young people an opportunity to learn new skills, make new friendships and give them a break from technology.

32620 x 465 No 2

Our family camps are very popular and allow parents/carers and their children quality time to play, laugh and learn together. After a day of fun activities we come together to cook over the camp fire and then sit back and star gaze. Night time in the woods also gives opportunity to see wildlife not seen during the day.


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